CES Experts Participate in Aghavnadzor training

The Association of Sustainable Human Development (ASHD) in partnership with the Centre for European Studies, “European Integration” NGO, Armedia Information Analytical agency and Armenia Tree projects organized a training course “Participation and Networking: Challenges for Youth in Creating a Democratic and Sustainable Society through Promotion of Fair Elections.” The European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe sponsored the training.

The training gathered 26 young people from various regions of Armenia and provided them with information regarding European integration processes in Armenia and the region, the role of youth and the civil society in building democratic and sustainable country. All these topics were linked with elections and election-related related issues. The training incorporated both formal education and non-formal education activities (group works, workshops, group discussions, etc.)

During the trainings two CES experts were present and also presented activities and educational programmes of the Centre. CES expert Dr Ashot Aleksanyan, delivered interesting and full lecture on civil society in Europe and made some comparisons with Armenia. Special emphasis was made on political and electoral procedures as well as the role of non-governmental organizations. Another expert Kristine Gevorgyan spoke about European educational programmes, youth programs of European institutions. A special session was dedicated to the presentation of the Center activities and educational programmes (MA in European Studies and MA in Human rights and Democratization.)

Other experts introduced special series of topics from different organizations. Dr Karine Danielyan, president of the Association of Sustainable Human Development, made presentation on possibilities of sustainable development in Armenia, eco-democracy, and talked about environmental issues and Armenia’s participation in the upcoming Rio+20 Earth Summit. Karen Bekaryan, president of the European Integration NGO, spoke about European integration elections and on political life in Armenia and Armenia’s election experience. Artashes Avagyan spoke about electoral code, ECHR case in relation to election-related topics, etc.