Education Preparedness Index in COVID-19

The EPIC index is one of the outputs of the project Enabling Learning to Happen for All Children in Emergency Crisis. The project is funded by Global Campus of Human Rights in partnership with the Right Livelihood Award Foundation. After the eruption of the global COVID-19 pandemics, the Center for European Studies of Yerevan State University, a member of the Global Campus of Human Rights as a Global Campus of Caucasus, initiated the project to facilitate and support the building of emergency resilient education systems to secure equal access to learning for every child. The group of experts gathered to create the EPIC index for assessing the resources, capacities and systems of educational know-hows for estimating the possibilities to create low-tech or no-tech remote learning programs for the urban and rural communities. The results of the assessment based on EPIC aims developing and retaining the knowledge and skills of school children to bridge the digital divide. By developing a resilient and vibrant educational system in the states and schools will be enabled to manage risks and mitigate the negative impact on schoolchildren in times of emergency.

A core group of Authors
Project Manager: Mariam Muradyan
Head of the Research: Arusyak Aleksanyan
Sociologist: Anna Malkhasyan
Education Expert: Anna Arustamyan
Legal Expert: Narek Yenokyan
Economic Expert: Arayik Tsaturyan

For the strategic support in the expertise in the education field and in education research, the group of experts would like to forward special appreciation to Teach for Armenia as a part of the Teach for All Global Network. Another big thank to the external evaluator Serob Khachatryan, Hayk Daveyan, Marine Galstyan and Angela Melchiorre for reviewing and providing their valuable feedback on the methodology of the EPIC. And last but not least, we express big appreciations to the staff of the Center for European Studies for all the technical and spiritual support in the realization of the program.

The graphic design is Nare Harutyunyan.