Research is among the most important components of the Center’s activities. The experts of the Center carry out comprehensive studies focusing on various issues of ongoing EU-Armenia and EU-South Caucasus cooperation.  The researches conducted by the Center are not only of scientific and theoretical value, but of practical importance as well, and presently they are widely used both on local and international levels for making policy development and its implementation more predictable and effective.
To ensure availability of already conducted researches on international level, a considerable part of those studies is translated into English.
The Center staff is currently involved in a series of researches, which deal with EU-Armenia, EU-Turkey-South Caucasus relations as well as geopolitical importance of the South Caucasus for the EU.


Innovation in Research For the first time in Armenia the Center experts apply interdisciplinary method in research which allows them to study issues beyond the borders of the specific discipline and providing the best results.


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