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5On November 22-24, 2012, students of Yerevan State University, among them 1st year students of MA in Human Rights and Democratization Alekcey Boris, Kostiantyn Iakovliev, and Lilit Sargsyan  took part in the international conference for young researchers entitled "International humanitarian law: problems and perspectives of development" organized for the fifth time by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delegation in Armenia at the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University.
During the conference, participants discussed such issues as new methods of warfare from IHL perspective, cyber warfare and IHL, legality of non-lethal weapons, challenges of prohibition of conventional weapons and protection of cultural property. For example, Kostiantyn Iakovliev and Lilit Sargsyan presented their findings on application of the international humanitarian law to cyber conflicts while Alekcey Boris researched the status of mercenaries and employees of private military companies thus deepening their topics of interest studied during the masters programme.
Participants to the conference came from Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Iran, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine. Sessions were6
chaired in particular by Deputy Minister of Justice Aram Orbelyan, Head of International Treaties Department of the Constitutional Court Vladimir Vardanyan, Coordinator of the ICRC’s University Program Ruzanna Vardanyan as well as Nicolas Koumjian, Senior Appeals Counsel at the Special Court for Sierra Leone, Euhen Tsibulenko, IHL expert from the Tallinn School of Law, Maria Teresa Dutli, ICRC Regional  Legal Advisor and Sergey Sayapin, Legal Advisor from the ICRC Delegation in Tashkent. The participants also met Larisa Alaverdyan, the Director of the Institute of Law and Politics of the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, the first ombudsman of Armenia, former member of the parliament.
The simultaneous translation into English and Russian facilitated the discussions and allowed everyone to communicate with each other. To better learn about each other, a cultural evening was organized that gave an opportunity for everybody to present national foods, songs and traditions. Also, the participants enjoyed a Yerevan sightseeing tour with an excursion to the Cafesjian Center for the Arts and a visit to the Etchmiadzin Cathedral.
We hope that our students will take part in other conferences as well that will allow them to learn reflections of experts and develop a framework for a further scholarly research.
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