YSU Centre for European Studies implemented training for the prison staff

From 17 to 19 May, the YSU Centre for European Studies, in cooperation with the RA Ministry of Justice, implemented training for the prison and probation staff, the representatives of the “Prison Medicine Centre” SNCO and the “Centre for Implementation of Legal Education and Rehabilitation Programmes” SNCO on the prevention of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment and punishment at prisons.

The event aimed to enhance the capacity of mentioned groups of officials to detect and prevent ill-treatment cases. In the frame of the training, the definition and forms of ill-treatment, as well as the importance of detecting the cases when entering prison were discussed.

Importance was paid to the components of effective examination of ill-treatment cases, by discussing it in the context of strict separation of the functions of prison staff and medical staff, their effective collaboration and performance safeguards.

Functions and working principles of the domestic and international monitoring mechanisms for the prevention of ill-treatment were also discussed. Notably, these topics were presented in the context of domestic and international legal regulations and standards and in national practice. Moreover, each topic included theoretical and practical parts.


Centre for European Studies, in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, will continue the provision of need-based training to the respective officials.