Master in European Studies


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The processes of European Integration and EU enlargement have essentially increased the importance of European Studies all over the world, as well as in Armenia. European Integration has been proclaimed as one of the main priorities of Armenia’s foreign policy and within its framework, various economic, social, political, and legal projects and reforms are being implemented.

Since 2008 CES implements interdisciplinary “European Studies” Master Programme, which was initiated with the support of EU Delegation to Armenia.

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

During the year and a half, the master’s programme students of the European studies are provided with a comprehensive set of courses dealing with the political, socioeconomic and legal environment of the 21st Century Europe and Armenia. The programme’s primary focus is to provide students with analytical reasoning, and problem solving skills through the study of European institutions, policies and procedures, sustainable economic development and security systems. The Master of European studies aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and competences needed for prospective employment in education provision, public service, research centers as well as international organizations. The academic programme has multi-disciplinary approach with strong emphasis placed upon providing students with a comprehensive understanding of European politics and integration.


In order to be enrolled in the Master of European Studies programme students are supposed to have an undergraduate degree and have good command of Armenian and English. Programme admission is based on the exam results.

Programme admission is organised in accordance with YSU’s admission timeline.  More details regarding rules and admission exam will be provided every year prior to the start of programme enrollment.


To graduate with the Master of European Studies, students must complete 90 credit hours of coursework, including the Master’s Essay comprising 21 credits, and the GPA (Grade Point Average) should be not less than 12,00.


The faculty performs grading based on the grading criteria developed by the university. The performance indicators, which are the comprising components of the cumulative grade, are as follows: attendance, assignments, formative and summative exams.

Student centered approach is behind each and every policy document being developed in the Centre, including the assessment policy. Hence, exams and assignments provide students with opportunities to demonstrate that they have mastered course content. It is up to the student to do his/her best work on each and every assignment and exam.


Applicants should consider the financing of their education at CES from the time of their admission to the graduation from the academic programme. Students in degree programmes sign a contract with Yerevan State University upon enrollment that sets tuition for the mode and period of education, tuition fee installment schedule, etc.

The tuition fee for students enrolled in European Studies MA Programme is: 900,000 AMD per year or 450,000 AMD per semester.

The Centre offers various scholarship schemes to programme applicants, including partial tuition fee reimbursement, monthly stipends, etc.


Master of European studies