Regional Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratisation in the Caucasus

About the Programme

The MA in Human Rights and Democratization in the Caucasus/GC Caucasus/ is bilingual and innovative one-year interdisciplinary graduate programme that provides knowledge and thorough training in the fields of human rights and democratization. The main aim of the programme is to support promotion of democracy, rule of law and good governance, together with strengthening Human rights protection in post-Soviet  region.

It was established in 2010 under EIDHR instrument; the programme is currently part of the Global Campus of Master’s programmes and Diplomas in Human rights and Democratisation coordinated by the Global Campus Headquarters in Venice-Lido. The programme serves as important hub and research/educational centre for local, regional and international stakeholders involved in promotion of democracy and protection of human rights.

The MA Programme is designed for participants from various professional and academic backgrounds (legal, social, political science, etc.). It provides solid theoretical foundation and proposes three main tracks – legal, political and interdisciplinary. The programme adopts two-dimensional development approach, which allows students to choose specialization and to develop both research and practical skills (fact finding mission interviews, policy paper writing, advocacy skills, etc.).

Programme Objectives

The Master’s Programme in Human Rights and Democratization aims to:

  • Provide master’s level education through the application of an interdisciplinary approach to the fields of human rights and democratization,
  • Develop students into qualified professionals that are equipped with a high level of expertise in human rights and democratization in post-Soviet Region
  • Improve the academic environment and scholarship of interdisciplinary research and teaching in the filed of human rights and democratization at the regional level with the application of best practices in Europe,
  • Create network of Human Rights NGOs in the target Region.

Programme Consortium

The programme is realised in a consortium of four leading universities in the region:

  • Yerevan State University (Project coordinator),
  • Belarusian State University (Belarus),
  • Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Ukraine),
  • Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University (Georgia) as partner universities.

Programme Description

The MA in Human rights and Democratisation in the Caucasus (60ECTS)  covers human rights and democracy in general, as well as current democratization and human rights issues in the Eastern Partnership Region and Post-Spoviet region in general. Students will be introduced to both the theoretical and practical aspects of human rights and democracy. The application of an interdisciplinary approach will provide students with a solid understanding of the cultural, historical, philosophical, political, legal, sociological and economic aspects of human rights and democratization.

This Programme is conducted in English and Russian, the two most commonly used languages in the region; the programme starts in September and lasts until October (next year).

The whole study period is divided into two semsters and three terms:

  •  Term One: first semester takes place in Armenia, at Yerevan State University  from September to January
  • Term Two: second semester  (end of February/March – May/June) is run by one of the three partner universities.  Students have the opportunity to specialize in one of three modules: Political, Legal and Interdisciplinary.
  • Term Three: second Semester (June -October) is devoted to internship and thesis paper writing

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