About us

The Centre for European Studies/formerly Centre for European Law and Integration/ of the Yerevan State University was established in 2006 with the support of the EU Delegation to Armenia. CES is the unique centre in Armenia specialises in European Studies, human rights and democracy. Through policy-relevant interdisciplinary research and tailor-made educational programmes, non-degree trainings, publications, conferences and workshops, the  Centre for European Studies aims to promote democracy, EU-Armenia comprehensive cooperation, human rights and child rights protection. The Centre is actively engaged in various international and European projects and cooperates with more than 30 local, regional, and international universities and organisations.


The Center for European Studies carries out the following activities:

    • Interdisciplinary graduate education
    • Non-degree trainings
    • Interdisciplinary and  specialised researches in the field of European Studies, Human rights and Democratisation
    • Promotion of European Integration in Armenia
    • EU information Center (EUi)


The Vision of CES is to see Armenia in Europe, which presupposes:

    • Well-informed society
    • Knowledge-based society
    • Research- based governance
    • Active civil society
    • Democratic country


    • Support EU-Armenia cooperation and to promote  Armenia’s  European integration
    • Promote formation of knowledge- and European value based society through providing high quality and competitive education
    • Promote the efficiency of Armenia’s European integration process through theoretical and empirical interdisciplinary and specialized studies