Who can apply?

Candidates holding Bachelors’ degree in any undergraduate programme and are interested in majoring in European Studies, European Law and Integration may apply for the European Studies Master Program. The program has no age limitations. International students are also welcome to study at the Center for European Studies. There are courses available in English and French languages for those who have language barriers.

How tense is my curricula? Will it allow me study and work?

During first semester of the first year of study students attend classes every day starting from 8.30 to 1.30. There are 3 classes with 80 minutes duration. During the second semester and thereafter students have one to two day offs during the week. Every semester students have to take mid-term exams and then final exam. Mid-term exams help students to get prepared for each class and every day, which abridges students’ work in the end of the academic year.

Thus, students are free during the second period of the day, which allows them to either work or participate in internship programs. The center is very supportive and considerate towards each student, especially to those who are employed.

Does the Center assist students in finding jobs?

There is Human Resource center situated in the Center for European Studies which provides students with recent information and news about available job opportunities or internship programs in various organizations. The center plays moderating role between students and employees by providing necessary information, references and recommendations for students. It also initiates trainings on excelling writing skills of students. Specialists work with students on their resumes (CV), cover letters, essays and, in general, assist students for their future career goals.

Does the center provide internship opportunities for all students?

Center for European studies provides internships for all students at the end of their master program. Students are obliged to undertake an internship program with two months duration. Internship programs are available in following institutions:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Diaspora
  • National Assembly of Armenia
  • Ministry of Education and Science
  • Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs
  • International and national organizations dealing with European law and integration, human rights protection

The internship programme is mandatory for students. Each and every student is being evaluated by his/her employee. The evaluation includes not only active participation of the student but also hard work, intelligence and willingness. Most succeeded students might be offered a paid job or prolongation of their internship contract.

How many credits will I have by the end of the academic programme?

European Studies MA program includes both compulsory and elective courses. The whole program comprises a total of 120 credits, including Master’s thesis amounting 12 credits. 66 credits are obtained from the compulsory courses. The teaching staff involves not only professors from YSU, but also experts and guest speakers from partner universities and European countries.

What kind of diploma will I receive by the completion of my courses?

The diploma is awarded by Yerevan State University and Master’s degree obtained at the Centre for European Studies is officially recognized by the government of the Republic of Armenia. The degree is also recognized in numerous European countries, where YSU has established cooperation with local Universities.

How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee for European Studies Master’s Program is 1.500000 AMD (€2988). Program consists of 2 years of study. For each academic year students pay 750.000AMD (€1494). Students who have studied on unpaid basis during their Bachelor’s degree hold the right to continue their studies on the same basis.

There are scholarships available for students who have acquired higher grades through the semester. These students can apply for discounts as well. Students who have received high grades and have close relatives (cousins) studing at the Yerevan State University can also apply for discounts by submitting necessary information. Unfortunately there are no scholarships available for international students. However, as mentioned above, they can apply for discounts if they demonstrate high performance.

Students are strongly recommended to keep in mind the policy of rotation system. According to this system students who study on unpaid basis and have lower grades will be shifted with students studying on paid basis and receiving higher grades.