Independent Educational and Research Institution

YSU Centre for European Studies (CES) is an independent educational and research institution, founded in July 2006 as a result of fruitful cooperation between Yerevan State University and EU Delegation to Armenia. The center is funded by yearly grants provided by the State Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science RA. Being a unique educational and research institute specializing in EU studies, the Centre aims to promote EU-Armenia cooperation and the process of Armenia’s European Integration through implementation of versatile and interdisciplinary researches as well as educational programmes corresponding to European standards. YSU Centre for European Studies provides graduate education in the field of European Studies, carries out specialized and multidisciplinary researches and provides consulting to NGOs, public and private organizations dealing with EU affairs. To fulfill the aforesaid functions the Centre has recruited qualified professionals majoring in EU studies, hosts guest lectures, researchers, fellows, experts and students from partner universities. Though young, the Centre has already completed and published number of researches, has established effective cooperation with renowned European universities and research centers, plans to carry out new studies and implement regional educational projects.