New EMDM Project to Design Joint Master Programme in European Studies

We are happy to inform that the Centre for European Studies of the Yerevan State university will coordinate the first ever Erasmus Mundus Design Measure project at   Developing Joint Master Programme in European Studies: Law, Governance and Communication/DEGES/

The project will be implemented by the Yerevan State University in cooperation with universities from  Georgia, Germany, Latvia and Lithuania.

The main aim of the project is to develop and design fully functional new interdisciplinary and innovative Erasmus Mundus joint master programme in accordance with the Standards for Quality Assurance of Joint programmes in the EHEA that can be accredited by national and/or international quality assurance agency.

The Project  will (i) promote modernisation and internationalisation of programme curriculum, (ii) help to develop system supporting admission of international students and their inclusion into university life, (iii) enhance network of universities, academics and researchers and their integration into European Higher Education Area, (iv)  to enhance internationalisation of higher education through implementation of transnational project.

The project duration is 15 months with the project start on October 1.