Workshop: Textbook Development on European Studies in the Caucasus

On November 22- 24 , 2019 the Association of European Studies for the Caucasus in cooperation with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Georgia hold first workshop on Textbook Development on European Studies in the Caucasus in Tbilisi.

The interdisciplinary textbook is planned to be prepared in English and subsequently to be translated to Armenian, Azerbaijani and Georgian. It will address the level of bachelor students in a variety of European Studies-related disciplines, e.g. political science, international relations, sociology, law, economics. The English-language version  will be published with ibidem / Cambridge University Press in the AESC book series, translations will be made available in all three countries.  During the meeting the authors and AESC representatives discussed methodological aspects of the textbook as well as the deadlines.

The call for authors was announced earlier this year in the result of which Prof. Ashot Aleksanyan, senior researcher of the Centre for European Studies and one of Jean Monnet Module lecturers was invited to participate in the workshop.

The Centre for European Studies of the YSU cooperates with the AESC  since its establishment within the frames Jean Monnet DESCnet Project, where YSU was one of  the partners.